Gábor’s review

I had heard about the Aiki Connections seminars many years ago so it was on my radar.

After reading the 1990 interview with Seigo Okamoto Soshi, translated by Christopher Li in 2019, I decided to definitely take part in the next one.

Unfortunately Covid put the plan on hold. Finally, in 2023 I could participate and it was amazing, even better than I expected.

Phil communicated very clearly and effectively prior and during the seminar with everyone and the dinner for around 40 people at a nice venue was organised seamlessly.

Lee and Phil clearly invested a lot in their dojo, it is a nice, welcoming one and even with all the attendees present it did not feel crowded.

The instruction from Howard Popkin and Joe Brogna was very clear and concise, they both demonstrate the techniques clearly. Not that we could do them straight away (that is many years down the line), but they both took the time to walk around and help or correct everyone’s technique.

Helping us understand the key concepts and the importance of a relaxed but connected body, executing smaller and smaller movements in sync with the partner.

At first it was strange to have two teachers present, but it made perfect sense in light of the above.

I will certainly attend in the coming years, hopefully there will be many to come.

Anyone in doubt who has not felt “aiki” that Takeda Sokaku and Ueshiba Morihei manifested, do attend and you will be perplexed, laughing, smiling when receiving techniques from Howard and Joe and you will be rewiring your brain and body forever.

Gábor Szabó

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