Aiki Connections 10th Anniversary weekend.

Aiki Connections 2024 – with Howard Popkin and Joe Brogna
Course date : Friday 26th July, Saturday 27th July & Sunday 28th July 2024.

Aiki Connections 2023
Aiki Connections 2022

Howard Popkin and Joe Brogna return to Whitstable UK in July 2024 for the 10th anniversary UK Aiki Connections weekend.

Aiki Q&A Session

Those who have attended any of the previous UK seminars since 2014 will agree it is always a fantastic weekend, with all participants enjoying the great humour and sublime skills that are on offer.

Howard Popkin

With Howard and Joe’s Daito-ryu, seeing is not believing. In classic IHTBF (It has to be felt) fashion, most people’s reaction to seeing Howard and Joe in action is, quite naturally, doubt. In what we have seen countless times over the previous Aiki Connections weekends, the new participant grabs the teacher, loses their balance, looks confused and smiles from ear to ear. This is usually followed by the question “how do you do that?”.


If you have ever wanted to know the essence of famous saying attributed to Judo founder Kanō Jigorō, seiryoku zen’yō (Minimum effort, maximum effect), this is the ideal opportunity to experience it for yourself.

Aiki Age

Howard Popkin and Joe Brogna, long time students of Okamoto Seigo, the founder of Roppokai Daitō-ryū and a student of Horikawa Kodo Sensei (longest serving student of Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu founder Takeda Sōkaku).


Howard and Joe are teachers of rare quality, profound, light-touch kuzushi, extensive technical knowledge and fine humour. Their lessons and technical insights into the practice of aiki are true treasures for any serious student of aikido, judo and many other arts.

Joe Brogna

Shogun Martial Arts,
Unit 2, Oyster Bay,
Estuary Close
St Augustine Business Park,

Book your weekend ticket now, or leave a (non-refundable) deposit to secure your place. Payments by bank transfer. Get in touch for details.

Friday 26th Jul: 7pm – 9pm
Saturday 27th Jul: 1pm – 7pm
Sunday 28th Jul: 10am – 4pm


For more info, get in touch by email

Aiki Connections 2019

Aiki Connections 2024 – Pricing
Fri,Sat&Sun: Ginjukai members £160
Sat&Sun: Non-members £190
Friday evening session (If attending Sat&Sun) Non-members £20

A non refundable deposit of £90 will secure your place (Balance must be settled by 1st July 2024).

Payments are made via bank transfer. Get in touch for the event bank details.

It’s cheaper if you are a Ginjukai member. If you have trained with Popkin Sensei or Brogna Sensei before, get in touch to discuss Ginjukai membership.

Email to book your place.

There are plenty of places to stay in nearby Whitstable. 
If you would like to stay in the dojo, be sure to e-mail us in advance so we can book you in. Please make sure to bring your sleeping bag.  The dojo has kitchen, TV and Wi-Fi facilities.

If you need assistance with transport, accommodation or anything else that will enable you to attend or simply for more information, please  e-mail us.  We very much look forward to training with all the participants, to catching up with old friends, and making new ones.

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