Post weekend thoughts

Thank you to everyone who attended the weekend. It was lovely to see so many old friends and to start so many new friendships. It was an absolute pleasure to train with you all.

I always derive huge enjoyment in seeing the surprise/shock on people’s faces when they grab Howie or Joe for the first time. Their exquisite body control and ability to toy with balance at will never ceases to amaze me, and provides me with constant inspiration to work towards developing these skills for myself.

It was a very full weekend seminar, with 12 hours on the tatami, crammed tight with the highest quality detailed instruction, intense training, great humour, camaraderie and friendship. (And food and beer after).

My thanks go out as always to Vicente Bosch for his ongoing support in this endeavour, and to Tro Ota who easily wins the distance travelled award (Seattle).

Thank you to Christophe Courtin and Tom Davey for so ably managing the dojo over the weekend.

Thanks to Trev Orman for designing and making the fantastic event t-shirts. It was such a pleasure to see everyone wearing them.

Finally a massive thank you to Howard Popkin and Joe Brogna for being such generous, patient and great humoured teachers. I consider myself so lucky to have met you, and appreciate the overwhelming support you have shown me.

You are a testament to your teacher Okamoto Sensei.

After four years of Daito-ryu and five Aiki Connections seminars, my own commitment to supporting Daito-ryu Ginjukai continues full steam ahead.

If anyone who attended the weekend is interested in undertaking serious training in this fascinating art, please comment below or send a pm.

There are plans afoot for more regular Study group weekend meet ups at different UK venues.



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