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Some nice feedback from John Shields…

I have been practising the art of Aikido for the last 30 years, and have had the good fortune to have trained with various Sensei and Shihan from both Europe and Japan. On meeting Sensei’s Popkin and Brogna, I was amazed at their technical ability, high level of understanding, good humour and subtle application of technique.

It is extremely rare to find Instructors that have a true understanding of their given art, and demonstrate their skills openly and genuinely. I found myself with a complete beginners mind, and was blown away by the dynamic, powerful but gentle application of technique. Their patience, understanding and ability to differentiate their tuition was a true breath of fresh air.

The course has helped me analyse the way in which I practise Aikido, and Budo and given me a new insight into my training, and coaching methods. The atmosphere within the dojo, and the focus of the students training was outstanding, and I felt welcome and encouraged in my practice. I look forward to training with Sensei’s Popkin and Brogna again next year, and wish to thank Phil and all his members who provided an excellent venue, and seminar.

Kind Regards

John Shields 5th dan Aikido

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