Weekend thoughts

I just got back from the airport run, and am in full on adrenaline dump mode. I just wanted to get a few thoughts down about the weekend.

This was the sixth consecutive Aiki Connections seminar. Each year Howard and Joe have attracted an increasing number of participants to the event, so we are now at the point where we may need a bigger venue. Anyone who attends the weekend, or has trained with them before knows why.

They effortlessly generate a convivial atmosphere in which to train. The instruction, while conducted with complete efficacy, is done so with endless humour and encouragement.

In terms of ability, Howard and Joe’s prowess can almost make what they do look so simple and readily attainable. Then one tries to do it. On top of the many years of teaching they received from Okamoto Sensei, the hard work and time they must have put in is hard to fathom. I feel privileged just to witness and experience what they do, let alone keep their company and receive instruction. I feel blessed Indeed. A massive thank you to Howard and Joe Sensei for traveling so far. I know this event is the furthest travel on your annual calendar, and I really do appreciate it. I want to thank you for always being so generous to me (and us all) with your time.

It was an absolute pleasure, as it always is, to see, train, share, eat, drink and laugh with so many wonderful old friends. Here’s to many more opportunities to do the same!

This year we also have lots of new acquaintances. It’s fantastic to forge those new friendships, and it’s also great news for spreading of awareness of Daito-ryu Ginjukai in the UK. I very much hope to see many of you in future.

My thanks go out to all who attended the weekend. It sounds obvious and twee, but without you it wouldn’t happen.

I’ll leave you with a selection of photos I managed to take. Sunday’s professional photos are to follow.

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