Will’s seminar review – by William Greene

I was given an opportunity to learn about Daito-Ryu courtesy of Phil Eyers when I joined Genryukan dojo.

I was interested in Aikido for being able to throw your opponents without using force compared to other popular martial arts. I never knew a style softer than aikido existed until I was exposed to Daito-Ryu Aiki-jujutsu.

I was awestruck like many newcomers watching Howard and Joe sensei dropping people usually twice their size without moving their feet. Their movements are so minimal it is barely believable to the naked eye. Any curious mind will want to unravel their secrets which is why I have been coming for the last two years.

Majority of the time is spent on testing out the Daito-Ryu techniques with the many people of different backgrounds of martial arts who attend. Learning daito-ryu takes many years of practice but one weekend alone is worthwhile thanks to the excellent senseis. Their simple approach and less talk whilst creating a fun atmosphere speaks volumes of their guidance and experience. Like myself if you are ever stuck with any of the techniques, they are always there to help. As a person who suffers with anxiety, the concept of staying relaxed in daito-ryu has made a significant difference to my wellbeing.

I would like to say many thanks to Howard and Joe sensei for coming all the way from New York to teach us here in the UK and many thanks to Phil for organising these great seminars!

William Greene

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