“It’s up to you…”

Back fresh from my week in the USA, which included the three day Daito-Ryu Ginjukai Honbu Weekend (among other things) on Long Island, New York.

I had a fantastic time, and learned so much. It is great to train and benefit from the experience of so many other Ginjukai members. I have much to work on going forward.

I would like to thank everyone who made my trip so enjoyable and memorable. I very much look forward to seeing you all again.

Howard Sensei

Island Park, Long Island NY

John from the Ginjukai Redmond branch.

Tro from Ginjukai branch in Bellevue Washington.

Dimitri Sensei from the Ginjukai Orlando branch.

Wade from Worcester, MA

Joe Nemeth from Aikido of Nassau County

Some Tomiki Aikido bloke called Erik from New Hampshire with a nice t-shirt.

Keith from Rhode Island

Keith always tries his level best to troll me. (His level is quite low however).

Johnny from Ginjukai Boca Raton Branch

Joe pours us a $30 bottle of stout (what?)

Howard and Joe Sensei “sampling”

Joe and the biggest selection of beer I’ve ever seen.

Can you see any growlers?

Joe, Chuck and Dimitri & sushi

Daito-Ryu Q&A

Joe Sensei

A Sea Robin apparently

Ginjukai fishing trip

Howard, Dimitri and Joe Sensei

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