Brendan’s feedback

I’ve been to many martial arts seminars over the years through involvement in Aikido and Karate. I’ve enjoyed every one of them in different ways and occasionally I’ve used the word ‘superlative’ in relation to particular events.

‘Aiki Connections’ is most definitely in the superlative category; from the subtle refinement of the Daito Ryu techniques to the consummate abilities of Howard Popkin and Joe Brogna every moment was an eye-opener and a joy.

Their easy manner and sense of humour made the Aiki Connections weekend one of the best personal budo experiences I’ve had and that’s no exaggeration.

My thanks go to Phil for the invitation and the friendly reception by all concerned at Lee Adam’s Shogun Martial Arts dojo. I look forward to the next Aiki Connections.

Brendan Gunn – 4th Dan Tomiki Aikido

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