New Aiki Connections review, by Simon Thackeray

Our thanks to Simon Thackeray for this feedback…

An enlightening and enjoyable weekend with knowledgeable, skillful teachers who were keen for everyone to get what it is they’re teaching and make time for everyone there. Some six hours a day of training time could have been heavy going, but it really flew by, thanks to the great atmosphere on the mat amongst the practitioners of many different martial arts, all eager to understand what was being taught, as well as being willing to help and share their understanding where they had more experience. The ability of Howard Popkin Sensei to throw me with virtually no more than a twitch in his body and make it feel as if I had been hit by a wrecking ball is something I will remember, yet he and Joseph Brogna Sensei also lay out a clear and structured route for anyone to achieve the same level of softness and power.

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