On the fence about Daito-ryu?

Have a read of some of the testimonial quotes below from previous participants of the Aiki Connections weekend, then head over and book your place at this year’s event.

“There is only one way to understand this level of Aiki and that is to feel it or to get “Hands on”. It’s simple there is a unique opportunity to experience this in the UK and thats by attending the seminar”.

Graham Farquhar

“Being able to move/affect/unbalance someone with minimal effort and with such softness that the person is unbalanced before they register that it’s happened is very difficult to do well but Howard makes it seem effortless”.

Rich Hobbs

“It was very educational to have hands on with him and feel what he is doing, and he was constantly circulating and working with people. It isn’t easy to describe what he does, and in spite of there being no language barrier (well hardly any!), light bulb moments occurred when he was explaining at the same time as I was feeling him apply it to me”.

Robert Cowham

“What Howard teaches is not about magic, its not about peace and love, its just: body mechanics, physics, psychology, etc…. being
applied in a very specific way: a way that works. He wants you to learn it. If you have the chance you should take it”.

Vicente Bosch

“Feedback after that first Aiki Connections seminar was terrific. People who I had trained with were genuinely impressed and mystified by the techniques and principles that they had been taught over that weekend.
Now, these were people that I had trained with on several occassions. I knew something of their training history and the Sensei that they had learned from were all the “real deal”.

“It was clearly time for me to put aside my bias and pre-conceptions and see what it was all about”.

“Personally, no other seminar has ever had such a huge impact on my training goals”.

Dave Remnant

“When you grab him, you know your balance has been taken and there is nothing you can do about it. In my opinion, this is high level martial arts and great skill! I know that Popkin Sensei has helped me in my training and I’ve benefited greatly by attending his seminars”.

Neil Saunders

“Howard and Joe gave us their insights willingly and without ever making anyone feel they had asked a “wrong” or “stupid” question. They treated everyone on the mat regardless of age, sex, colour or grade exactly the same way, and that speaks volumes about them both, not only as teachers but people”.

Lawrence McGrandles

“Let me say, it was a first rate experience. Popkin and Brogna are very open, very funny and very straight forward, first off, making everyone feel welcomed and challenged to learn. Their lessons reinforced the direction, the understanding that my own aikido had been taking in the past years, especially my kihon no kuzushi (balance taking) work.”

Bob King

“Sensei’s Popkin and Bogna demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of Daito Ryu Aiki no Jutsu principles, and it was re-assuring to see them demonstrate techniques on any and all participants. It was a pleasure to train under their watchful guidance”.

Derren Fielder

“Ultimately, what I loved about both sensei was their passion for Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu and their willingness to share knowledge with those who were interested. I would encourage everyone with a healthy curiosity of the evolution of aikido to attend the seminar”.

Nikos Papanikolaou

“One of the first things you will notice with Popkin and Brogna Sensei is the confident effortlessness of their movement. Come in contact with one of them, and instantly you are attached to something you cannot see, taking you where you do not want to go. It is the kind of thing you cannot forget and will have you wanting to learn more”.

Erik Divietro

“Combine their skill at teaching with their endearingly humble and open approach to their art (and the fact that they are, frankly, extremely funny guys) and you have a course which may well be the best experience I‘ve ever had on a mat”.

Stuart Turner

“The ability of Howard Popkin Sensei to throw me with virtually no more than a twitch in his body and make it feel as if I had been hit by a wrecking ball is something I will remember, yet he and Joseph Brogna Sensei also lay out a clear and structured route for anyone to achieve the same level of softness and power”.

Simon Thackeray

“To watch others respond to this breaking balance experience with big smiles and laughter as they throw each other about is what the weekend is about, friendships, openness to learning, sharing and of course the inspiration to be able to do just some of what Howard and Joe do!”

Mark Jenner

“Feeling really is believing.
What started out as an opportunity to learn some neat tricks and interesting titbits about the roots of Aikido has led me to completely re-evaluate my Kihon Waza and the way I train. It has made basics enjoyable again because I’m looking at everything with fresh eyes”.

Phil Glover

“On meeting Sensei’s Popkin and Brogna, I was amazed at their technical ability, high level of understanding, good humour and subtle application of technique”.

“I found myself with a complete beginners mind, and was blown away by the dynamic, powerful but gentle application of technique. Their patience, understanding and ability to differentiate their tuition was a true breath of fresh air”.

John Shields

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